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Magazine Cites Kimberly-Clark as a 'Top 75 Companies for Executive Women'

Dec 07, 2020
Kimberly-Clark announced that it was named one of the 2020+ Top Companies for Executive Women by Working Mother Media (WMM) for the fourth consecutive time. WMM and the National Association for Female Executives continue to explore ways to move more women into top positions while highlighting the successes at these trailblazing companies.
"At Kimberly-Clark, we are building an inclusive and diverse workforce where everyone can thrive," said Maria Henry, Chief Financial Officer at Kimberly-Clark. "We are dedicated to cultivating and sustaining an environment where all women have the opportunity and support they need to achieve success in their professional and personal lives – however they choose to define it."
The 2020+ Top Companies for Executive Women, published by Working Mother, is the most definitive list of the top U.S. workplaces for women who want to advance through the corporate ranks. It celebrates companies that champion women's advancement, with a focus on succession planning, profit-and-loss role, gender pay parity, support programs and work-life balance programs. 
"Because what gets measured gets done, our Top Companies list stresses the number of women in senior positions," said Betty Spence, President of the National Association for Female Executives. "Most important, we are the only organization that counts women holding revenue-generating operations positions with profit-and-loss responsibility, as those are the jobs that are the path to the top. Companies need to pay attention because that number dropped in the past year, even pre-COVID-19." 
Recruiting Diverse Talent and Supporting Employees at Every Stage
Kimberly-Clark's recruitment initiatives include increasing the representation of women and minorities in director-level and above roles, and strengthening the diversity of the talent pipeline across all levels of the company. We also partner with organizations such as Catalyst, the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, the Network of Executive Women, the Executive Leadership Council and the Society of Women Engineers to share inclusion and diversity-related best practices, and to continue building relationships with diverse associations and universities around the globe.
Kimberly-Clark is committed to developing and promoting innovative policies that support our employees as they balance career and family responsibilities. We bring this to life through our flexible work policy, which empowers our employees to fulfill their job responsibilities in a manner that works best for them. We encourage our employees to create individualized work arrangements that may include flex time, flex locations, job sharing and voluntary reduced hours.
In addition, Kimberly-Clark has a back-up care program to support employees with children. This benefit provides 10 subsidized care visits per year for all eligible employees who need on-demand childcare.
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