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BMW Manufacturing Corp - Spartanburg County, South Carolina


In March 2008, BMW and the Carolina Department of Commerce announced that BMW would invest an additional $750 million in its Upstate South Carolina operations, adding a new 1.2 million square foot assembly facility, which will be sited north of an existing factory. The investment, the largest ever announced for the Spartanburg County factory, increases investments of the BMW Group in its South Carolina operations to $4.2 billion.
The new facility will be ready after a three-year construction project, and will employ an additional 500 workers. The expanded Spartanburg plant will manufacture three vehicles, the BMW X3 Sports Activity Vehicle, the X5 Sports Activity Vehicle, and the X6 Sports Activity Coupe. By 2012, production will increase from 160,000 to 240,000 units.
“The boost in the production capacity at BMW Manufacturing will positively impact the logistics, supplier and distribution networks that support the manufacturing processes,” said Josef Kerscher, president of BMW Manufacturing. While the supplier network may grow, existing supplier companies will ramp up operations to provide automotive parts for the higher production levels, doubling parts container traffic and significantly increasing exports through the Port of Charleston.
“BMW’s expansion in South Carolina will have a tremendous impact on the region and the entire state. We expect to see new suppliers come to the state and existing suppliers grow as a result of this announcement and that means new jobs and lots of new supplier jobs all over South Carolina, said South Carolina Secretary of Commerce Joe Taylor. “BMW is truly the nucleus of a job-creating machine.”