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Hemlock Semiconductor - Clarksville, Tennessee

In December 2008, Tennessee officials announced a project that has the potential to become the largest corporate capital investment the state has ever seen. The project, a polycrystalline silicon manufacturing facility, will be located at Commerce Park, a megasite in Clarksville, Tennessee.
The project represents an investment of $1.2 to 2.5 billion dollars by Hemlock Semiconductor, a subsidiary of Dow Corning. The company expects to employ at least 500 people, and perhaps as many as 900 within five to seven years. The facility will produce a primary component used in the manufacture of solar panels and other energy equipment.
“This announcement shows Tennessee’s commitment to becoming a significant player in the development of ‘green collar’ jobs related to clean energy technologies,” said Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen.
“We live in a time when a growing reliance on sustainable forms of energy is leading to growth rates of 30 percent to 40 percent annually for the solar industry,” said Community Development Commissioner Matt Kisber. “This announcement means Tennessee will play a leading role in the growth of solar technology for many years to come.”
When complete, the Clarksville facility will have the capacity to manufacture up to 10,000 metric tons of polycrystalline silicon annually but is being designed with the capability to manufacture up to 34,000 metric tons. The plant will occupy the entire 1,215-acre megasite, and the company plans to acquire an additional 947 acres adjacent to the site for additional build-out and to provide buffer space.
“This huge success proves that going through the diligent megasite certification process gives a community a strong advantage,” said John Bradley, senior vice president, economic development, Tennessee Valley Authority. “Community leaders have been working towards this day for two and a half years.”
“Tennessee’s business climate coupled with a superb site in Clarksville, a strong, productive workforce and an excellent location in proximity to our supply chain and customers made this the right decision,” said Hemlock Semiconductor President and CEO Rick Doornbos.