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Manufacturers: More Regulations from EPA Will Hamper Job Creation

Apr 19, 2012
New Standards for Oil and Gas Industry Expand Regulations and Increase Energy Costs

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons issued this statement on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) final New Source Performance Standards for oil and gas production operations:

“Here we go again with another economically damaging regulation from the Administration. In his State of the Union address and other speeches, President Obama continues to tout the importance of manufacturing. However, the Administration’s actions signal the opposite, as these new costly regulations on energy producers hurt manufacturers’ competitiveness and delay job creation. These regulations will add to the cumulative regulatory burden facing manufacturers – making it unnecessarily harder to create jobs.

There is no doubt that small energy producers and manufacturers will be disproportionally affected by these new regulations from the EPA. Most unfortunate is that these new rules will only increase energy prices in the long run. These regulations will hamper our ability to develop much-needed U.S. energy supplies.

The need is greater than ever before for a true ‘all of the above’ energy strategy to lower energy costs for manufacturers. This includes reducing the regulatory burden facing energy producers that is crippling their ability to create jobs and provide affordable energy. It is our hope that moving forward, the EPA will take into account the economic impact of these regulations. America’s job creators simply cannot afford more of the same.”


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