NAM: Manufacturers Support Bipartisan Bill to Empower Workforce and Create Jobs

4 Apr, 2011

AMERICA Works Act Will Modernize Workforce at a Critical Time
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The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) applauds a bipartisan bill introduced recently in the House of Representatives that would help close the skills gap and effectively prepare individuals to succeed in the workplace. The AMERICA Works Act, sponsored by Reps. Donnelly (D-IN), Platts (R-PA) and Boren (D-OK), is a smart approach to education and training that will benefit employers, employees and the overall economy.

Manufacturing industry leaders have endorsed a system of skills certifications for workers. This legislation would direct existing public funds toward training in these industry-recognized, nationally portable credentials.

“Manufacturers take pride in their skilled workforce, but they also recognize that prioritized training and enhanced skills will increase productivity and innovation, making U.S. manufacturing more competitive,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “As we put our economy back on track, it is critical that we help transitioning workers and students prepare for the modern workforce.”

The AMERICA Works Act would empower workers to know which certifications build the skills valued by potential employers. Individuals who participate in the certified training programs also will have access to higher paying jobs. Manufacturers support this proposal for more effective workforce training because it translates into more skilled workers suited for available jobs. A growing pool of technical workers will attract new businesses and create new jobs for a struggling economy.

The NAM welcomes this legislative effort to modernize the manufacturing workforce and urges Congress to pass the AMERICA Works Act.

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