AL: Florence-Lauderdale Industrial Park Receives AdvantageSite Designation

22 Jul, 2009


Florence-Lauderdale Industrial Park receives AdvantageSite designation A 160-acre parcel of the Florence-Lauderdale Industrial Park has received AdvantageSite designation. The AdvantageSite program requires that community economic development organizations provide documentation specific to a proposed industrial site, including a set of standard data related to ownership/ control, environmental and geotechnical conditions, as well as infrastructure status. Sites must also meet size, zoning and accessibility requirements. “The Shoals Economic Development Authority is certainly pleased that the 160-acre site in the Florence-Lauderdale Industrial Park has been designated as an AdvantageSite. This is the second industrial site in the Shoals to achieve this designation, which will benefit companies seeking excellent industrial sites with the proper documentation in place,” said Bart Jackson, AdvantageSite Coordinator, Shoals Economic Development Authority. “We would like to thank our local team which included the City of Florence, the Florence IDB, the Florence-Lauderdale Industrial Expansion Committee, and the Lauderdale County Commission for their support and assistance in this effort. We would also like to applaud the work done by the statewide AdvantageSite Committee, which is spearheading this program to raise the bar for industrial site preparedness throughout Alabama.” This is the eighth Alabama site to be designated an AdvantageSite. The Rogersville Industrial Park, also in the Shoals, was designated an AdvantageSite in December of last year. “The City of Florence is very excited that this site has been designated as an AdvantageSite. We feel that this is an important designation that will help our community by providing extra value to industrial prospects and are hopeful that this will place our site higher on their list of possible locations,” said Mayor Bobby Irons, City of Florence. The AdvantageSite program is jointly sponsored by the Alabama Development Office, Alabama Gas Corporation, Alabama Power Company, EDPA, the North Alabama Industrial Development Association and PowerSouth Energy Cooperative. The voluntary industrial site preparedness program was created in order to make the state more competitive for companies considering a location in Alabama.





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