Hanil E Hwa Interior Systems Announces Expansion; Create 10 New Jobs; Invest $6.5M

23 Sep, 2009

Hanil E Hwa Interior Systems announced plans for expansion and the creation of a new assembly line in a news conference Monday.

The company is investing an estimated $6.5 million into the ventures, which are expected to create 10 new jobs.

“I am very excited about this new opportunity for us,” said Hanil E Hwa President S.G. Lee.

“While many companies are trying to survive this downturn in the economy, we are very lucky to see a good future for us.”

The company will convert a new, recently purchased building in the Craig Industrial Park into a distribution center for raw materials. Lee said it is hoped the building will be ready by year’s end. The new assembly line will be used to supply Hyundai with interior door trims for its new Sonata model.

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