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IN: Impact Container Opening Manufacturing Facility, Hiring 175 in Anderson

Aug 27, 2012

Impact Container Inc. announced the location of its new manufacturing operation in Anderson; hiring 175 employees and investing $1,000,000 over the next four (4) years. Michael Bartrom, founder and President of the company made the announcement at a briefing in the Anderson City Hall lobby. Mr. Bartrom was joined by Mayor Kevin S. Smith and other City officials for the announcement.

During the Board of Works meeting, Michael Bartrom presented the plans for Impact Container Inc., a manufacturing company for the fabrication and assembly of airfreight containers to be located in Anderson.

Impact Container will lease space located at 1735 West 53rd Street through the start-up phase. Impact Container is committed to hiring 175 employees at around $16 an hour excluding benefits over the next four (4) years. Impact Container is committed to investing a minimum of $1,000,000 in manufacturing and production equipment over the next four years in a facility in Anderson.

Long-time entrepreneur Michael Bartrom is the current owner of Computer Age Engineering, a Manufacturing Engineering Company with operations located in Marion, Indiana. Computer Age Engineering has operated since 1985.

Impact Container, Inc. will begin mobilizing assets toward the start of production during the next several months. Impact Container, Inc.'s relationship enables the exclusive use of a patented aerospace composite material developed by a major U.S. aerospace company; protecting the company from competition as manufacturing moves forward.

The composite material involved is significantly lighter and stronger than the material currently used in the manufacturing of air freight containers certified by the TSA and in use by major air freight carriers. The lighter weight material will increase the payload capacity of airfreight carriers and reduce fuel costs. The added strength will prolong the life of these costly assets for air carriers.

"Anderson is proud to announce the addition of Impact Container, Inc. to the family of Anderson businesses. Impact Container builds an innovative product and Anderson has the employees to make them successful. We're proud Impact selected Anderson, Indiana," said Mayor Kevin S. Smith.

"Impact container has all the successful qualifications for a startup manufacturing operation: exclusivity within their supply chain, a government certified product, (TSA Certified), a first product order with a major customer and proven business and technical leadership and management," said Interim Economic Development Director, Greg Winkler.

The City of Anderson is committing a forgivable loan of $200,000 from the Job Incentive portion of the 2012 Food & Beverage budget. By accepting these funds, Impact Container is agreeing to the creation of not less than 175 jobs by December 31, 2015 and the investment of not less than $1,000,000 in equipment.

There are incremental goals which the company is required to meet each year. The forgiveness of the funds loaned to the company is tied directly to job, payroll and investment goals agreed to by the company.

Additionally, a Project Development Agreement executed by Impact Container and the City of Anderson BOW contemplates a long-term (10 year) lease arrangement in a new manufacturing facility to be built in the City's Community Revitalization Enhancement District (CRED) should all of the earlier company goals be met.

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