MI: Addcomp North America Installs Development Line at Mfg Facility

25 Mar, 2015

Addcomp North America Inc. (ACNA) announced that it has installed a second twin-screw extrusion line at its manufacturing facility in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Complementing its existing production equipment, the smaller-capacity line will be used primarily as a development resource to serve customers of the company's portfolio of thermoplastic additive products. Its presence will bring new efficiency to development activities and optimize utilization of the company's production line.

In making the announcement, ACNA president Louis Martin said that, "the new installation will significantly shorten the time required to produce additive iterations in volumes appropriate for testing and verifying product enhancements." By selecting a small, but commercial-scale extruder, Martin points out that the company also "will be able to produce sample-size quantities 25 to 50 pounds from raw materials on hand, in case a requested formulation is not present in inventory."

Continuous improvement
Started up in the first weeks of March 2015, the new line will be configured initially to adjust the formulations of the company's existing additive lineup, allowing currently offered functionalities to be adapted to new end-product applications. In the coming months, ACNA will add capability to the line that will permit the development of additive solutions based on customer requests for additional functionalities or for technologies designed for use in a wider variety of thermoplastic polymers.

"We have already added research staff to our team in North America," said Martin. "The installation of the new line is the next step forward into three levels of development: application development, new product development, and additive research. We currently conduct research at Addcomp Holland," he added, "but by the middle of this year, the new line will bring almost all those capabilities very much closer to our customers in North America."

About Addcomp 
Addcomp develops and produces additive solutions for manufacturers, compounders, and converters of thermoplastic resins. Addcomp North America Inc. manufactures masterbatch solutions that can improve production processes, lower life-cycle costs, and enhance material or end-product performance. The company also delivers comprehensive technical, logistical, and market support for customers throughout North and South America.