Nationwide: Join ‘Manufacturing Day 2019’ and Showcase the Possibilities | Trade and Industry Development

Nationwide: Join ‘Manufacturing Day 2019’ and Showcase the Possibilities

Aug 27, 2019

Join thousands of manufacturers across North America as they open their doors to show the public what modern manufacturing looks like and inspire the next generation of skilled workers.

This year, the official date for Manufacturing Day is October 4, but any day can be MFG Day. How you participate needs to work for you, so feel free to choose when you host your event!

What requirements does your event need to meet in order to be an official MFG Day event?

  • Must consist of a tour of a manufacturing facility, office, innovation center, or other site; other creative student-invite type of event at a manufacturing or manufacturing-supporting site (e.g., design office, software company, etc.); school event about manufacturing; manufacturing-related jobs fair; manufacturing-related career day event; or manufacturing product expo or similar event.
  • Must be open to students, parents and/or educators.

Learn about the possibilities. Information is available here.

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