V & F Transformer to Locate in Celina; Create 16 New Jobs

9 Aug, 2009

Clay County Partnership Chamber of Commerce announced recently that V & F Transformer Corporation located in Bartlett, Ill. will be occupying the former Hevi Duty Transformer plant in Celina.  The Hevi Duty facility was idled in February 2008 and donated in February of this year to Celina and subsequently transferred to the Celina/Clay County Joint Industrial Development Board.

Initial employment is expected to be 16 employees and grow as the overall economy recovers. When the detailed moving schedule is finalized, an announcement will be made regarding accepting applications for employment.

V & F Transformer Corporation has transformer manufacturing interests in both Mexico and China in addition to the Bartlett facility and is poised to grow a significant presence in the Southeast market of the U.S. for larger capacity transformers.