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WV: Ranger Scientific Building Massive Kanawha Valley Industrial Facility

Jun 03, 2016

Ranger Scientific announced its acquisition of 1,000 acres for its "Olympus" factory site located on a reclaimed mountaintop coal removal mine. Ranger intends to build one of the largest industrial facilities in Kanawha Valley. The announcement was made at an event held at Riverside High School in Belle, West Virginia. Ranger plans to employ more than 400 factory workers in the first phase of its Olympus advanced technology automated manufacturing complex. Ranger's small arms ammunition factory will be a small part of Ranger's planned future development.

President of West Virginia Senate, and Lieutenant Governor, William "Bill" Cole announced, "Ranger is the kind of high-technology forward-thinking enterprise we've long needed to help bring prosperity to West Virginia. We are very proud and pleased that Ranger Scientific has chosen to build the first-of-its-kind high-technology factory in West Virginia's Kanawha Valley. Our state is a great place for industrial development with thousands of highly motivated, loyal, and hard-working people ready to go to work!"

West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomlin said, "We're proud of the business climate we've created in our state and look forward to seeing this project come to fruition. We're always excited to see companies locate and expand in West Virginia, and Ranger Scientific's plan to hire hundreds of West Virginia workers is great news."

"We're proud to be an American company, based right here in West Virginia," said Daniel Pearlson, Ranger's president & CEO. "Ranger considered seven different states and spent many months in search of its permanent base of operations. Ranger would like to thank the fine people of Texas, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky for all of their efforts. We are very fortunate and proud to make our new home in the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia."

About Ranger Scientific

Ranger Scientific is one of the largest industrial start-up companies in the United States. Based in West Virginia, Ranger's "Olympus" facility will produce more than 500 million rounds of "harmonically tuned" rifle ammunition each year. Harmonically tuned ammunition can be more than twice the accuracy of "match grade" ammunition, but until now had to be custom-made by hand. Harmonically tuned ammunition is used in Olympic and other international competitions, by expert hunters the world over, and in various specialized US military applications. Harmonically tuned ammunition can cost many times the price of less accurate "generic" rounds, including "match grade" varieties. Ranger's exclusive technology enables it to mass-produce harmonically tuned ammunition at comparable cost to generic ammunition. Consumers will buy their harmonic ammo off-the-shelf from sporting goods and retail outlets across the USA. The company will mass-produce its harmonically tuned rifle ammunition for consumer and military customers. Visit www.RangerScientific.net.


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