Reshoring Initiative’s Harry Moser Named to Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame 2010

6 Jan, 2011

By: Harry Moser

The Reshoring Initiative’s founder, Harry Moser, has been named as one of the 2010 inductees into Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame (  Individuals are selected for this honor based upon their overall contribution to American manufacturing.


The Reshoring Initiative documents for manufacturers the benefits of sourcing in the United States.  Archstone Consulting’s 2009 survey showed that 60 percent of manufacturers use “rudimentary total cost models” and ignore 20 percent of the cost of offshoring.  To help the manufacturers make better sourcing decisions the Reshoring Initiative provides: its free TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) software that helps manufacturers calculate the real offshoring impact on their P&L, linked NTMA/PMA Purchasing Fairs to help them find competitive U.S. sources, an online Library of 98 articles about successful reshorings and publicity to drive the reshoring trend. All are accessible through  Recent publicity included a presentation at the National Press Club:


In 2011 the Initiative will progress from Phase 1 (broad communication and dissemination of the concept and tools) to Phase 2 (regionally focused reshoring events that result in a measured number of jobs actually brought back).   Illinois and Ohio are currently the most advanced in Phase 2. There is also interest in Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan and South Carolina.  We expect the cost per “permanent” manufacturing job to be 1 percent of the cost of a 1 year Stimulus Program government job.


Reshoring breaks out of the waiting-for-policy-decisions problem of government efforts, the economic zero-sum-game of tax or borrow and spend, and the increases in consumer prices from relying solely on currency adjustment. Reshoring takes jobs directly back from offshore, often from the LLCCs (Low Labor Cost Countries) that have grown so rapidly over the last decades at the expense of American workers, American manufacturing companies and the overall U.S. economy.  Reshoring also focuses on the manufacturing sector which has suffered so many job losses for decades and the SMEs which offer the best potential for job growth. 


With a career spanning four decades in American manufacturing, Mr. Moser spent 22 years as president of Charmilles Technologies Corporation, now GF Agie Charmilles, and then as Chairman Emeritus.  He retired from that position at the end of 2010 and will work full time on the Reshoring Initiative.


“I am honored by the recognition provided by Industry Week,” says Mr. Moser. “The U.S.’ $500 Billion+ per year trade deficit is an economic cancer causing high unemployment and raising the U.S. budget deficit.  Reshoring is the most efficient and direct way to overcome part of the problem.  Anything that brings more attention to this cause is good for our country.  If your company offshores, I encourage you to use the Initiative’s free software to reevaluate your sourcing decisions.  For help, email me at


About the Reshoring Initiative

The Reshoring Initiative is supported by: GF Agie Charmilles; the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), The National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA), and the Swiss Machine Tool Society (SMTS).  More information on the Purchasing Fairs can be found at and on the Reshoring Initiative at

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