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Site Selection Network

Feb 28, 2006 | By: James H. Renzas
Locations and Manufacturing Industries

The Site Selection Network (SSN) of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) serves as a single-source resource for new business lead sourcing, community marketing, job creation and tax generation for the economic development community.

The Site Selection Network is represented by more than 100,000 companies. Under its new administration of Location Management Services, SSN is expanding its horizons, incorporating the hotel, tourism and entertainment industries; the commercial, industrial, and real estate industries; and the automotive industry.

What is the Site Selection Network?

The Site Selection Network of NAM is the largest site selection and search engine for desired job and revenue creating industries. It focuses on two markets: companies that want to relocate or expand in the United States and economic developers who represent communities recruiting businesses to locate in their area.

The SSN proactively provides it members with qualified leads and ensures that its members receive the best options that fit their search criteria. Through the SSN, members have the ability to list their organization on the website, including their specifications and link to their organization’s website. This allows companies to make direct contact with communities.

The Site Selection Network offers more leads, less competition and company confidentiality.

Proposal process

The Site Selection Network will provide all companies seeking locations with a final report on submitted proposals. The final report will consist of qualified proposals listed in comparison to company specifications. It will also indicate how the communities compare regarding incentives, building and acreage requirements, sale price/lease terms, logistics and utility specifics, along with any other factors that the company has requested.

All proposals are pre-screened for the company’s stated requirements. The company will only be provided with community proposals that fulfill those requirements.

A SSN representative will contact communities that do not have a qualified proposal and explain why it was not offered.

SSN received a request from a manufacturer, asking for site selection options within a small geographic area, approximately 200 square miles. SSN delivered four qualified proposals to the manufacturer. After two months, the company made a site decision and began building in less than five months.

Another manufacturer came to SSN asking for site selection options covering multiple states. Out of 16 proposals, 11 were qualified and sent to the company. After careful consideration, a decision was made, and building began the following season.

The SSN process is completely confidential. The revealing of a company’s name, selected site or details of the proposal are at the company’s discretion.

Why join Site Selection Network?

Companies join SSN for assistance in relocating or expanding its facilities. They can place information and relocation requirements on the website, while keeping the company name completely confidential. Confidentiality allows businesses to have protection for its employees, and against high-pressure proposals from communities.

Companies that use SSN will not be disturbed with thousands of calls from recruiters. With the SSN, only one representative will contact your company and the representative will only contact you if the location is a match for your requirements.

SSN is constantly expanding in the manufacturing industry and in other highly economically desirable industries. Not only can your company obtain leads, it can also increase its marketing availability to the economic development community through the industry specific national associations. Which means through SSN your company can have a benefit equivalent to more than $2 million in marketing.

Who is involved with the Site Selection Network?

The SSN has established several members nationwide, serving NAM, and the Council of Manufacturing Associations, including specialty manufacturing companies in such industries as: biotechnology, medical device manufacturing and healthcare, high technology and electronics, energy and petroleum, aviation, automotive manufacturing and plastics and textiles.

SSN is endorsed by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), Society of Industrial and Office Realtors, The International Council of Shopping Centers, and the Automotive Parts Remanufactures Association (APRA).

Memberships for Site Selection Network and its services are not exclusive to these associations. It does not require any company to belong to any group or organization. SSN is currently adding new members each week.


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