Wixom Renewable Energy Center - Wixom, Michigan


A former Ford Motor assembly plant in Wixom, Michigan will be transformed into what will be known as the Wixom Renewable Energy Center. The Center is the result of the partnership of Clairvoyant Energy Solar Panel Manufacturing Inc. and Xtreme Power Inc., which will be responsible for the purchase of the plant, redevelopment of the 320-acre plant site and its 4.7 million square feet of building space, and anchoring a new $725 million Renewable Energy Park on the site.

Clairvoyant Energy will invest $857 million (over four phases) while Xtreme Power will invest $475 million. In addition, they expect to attract suppliers and other manufacturers to the site.

Clairvoyant was approved for a photovoltaic tax credit valued at $25 million over five years, and also was approved for a state tax credit valued at $31.2 million over 15 years. Xtreme Power Inc. was granted an advanced-battery credit valued at $100 million over four years, and also was approved for a state business tax credit valued at $106 million over 20 years.

Clairvoyant Energy Solar Panel Manufacturing is a newly created subsidiary of Switzerland-based Clairvoyant Energy, AG, global renewable energy developer that builds, owns and operates utility-scale solar photovoltaic energy-generating systems. Clairvoyant Energy expects to create 750 new jobs and 4,592 indirect jobs as a result of its investment.

Xtreme Power anticipates that its investment will generate 2,500 new jobs and 4,711 indirect jobs. Xtreme Power Inc. manufactures large-scale power management, control and storage systems at multiple facilities worldwide. The company’s mission is focused on replacement of fossil-fuel power plants with a green solution; replace and defer transmission and distribution grid upgrades and lower energy costs with the improvement of reliability for large industrial customers.



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