Baker Donelson Trade Attorney Cautions Against Risks Posed by Aluminum and Steel Tariffs to Global Trade and Supply Chains

5 Mar, 2018

President Donald Trump vowed to place a 25 percent tariff on steel and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum, based on a Section 232 report from the U.S. Department of Commerce deeming the imports a threat to American national security.

The law firm Baker Donelson is advising its clients to:

  • Stay up to date on which goods are being investigated by the U.S. government;  
  • Make sure your import / export documentation is in order;
  • Review product classifications for accuracy since classification determines the duty;
  • Educate your supply chain regarding duties; and,
  • Consider supply chain alternative sources so you can adjust to not only these duties but also any retaliatory actions. 

In response to what may be the most aggressive trade action yet taken by the present White House administration, international trade attorney Doreen Edelman of Baker Donelson cautions that these duties may disrupt global supply chains, and potentially raise costs and barriers for U.S. manufacturing.

Thus, on behalf of clients and along with stakeholders across the globe, the Firm’s hope is that the adjustment will occur quickly and recalibrate these factors to a favorable U.S. position.

- Doreen Edelman, shareholder and co-leader of the Global Business Team at Baker Donelson (Washington, D.C.).

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