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MI: Integral Technologies, Inc. Opens New Technology Center in Detroit

Jan 06, 2014

Integral Technologies, Inc. ("Integral"), an emerging leader in hybrid conductive plastics, and its wholly owned subsidiary ElectriPlast Corp., announced the opening of its new Detroit Technology Center. The facility has been instituted to expand Integral's research and engineering capabilities, as well as enhance the company's applications development and technical support.

Since June of last year, Integral has signed a joint product development agreement with Delphi, a licensing agreement for sales and manufacturing with Hanwha L&C and most recently entered into an MOU with BASF, for the development of ElectriPlast as a lightweight shielding solution. The Tech Center offers engineering support and application development assistance to support these key relationships as well as Integral's growing customer base. It provides facility upgrades for staff expansion and additional resources that allow for greater internal testing, engineering and product development of ElectriPlast, Integral's line of proprietary hybrid conductive plastics.

"The opening of the Tech Center is driven by the rising demand for our technical expertise in conductive plastics from our customers," said Doug Bathauer, CEO of Integral. "This demand has been accelerating due to our recent relationships with Delphi, BASF and Hanwha L&C, and with the launch of our new facility, we are now in a much better position to deliver the superior technical support these world-class companies expect. Its strategic location, in Detroit is key toward Integral moving closer to the commercialization of ElectriPlast, as we remain confident that ElectriPlast will have a profound impact on the global automobile market and related industries."

Integral is the original researcher, developer and 100% owner of all intellectual property surrounding ElectriPlast, a patented line of non-corrosive, electrically conductive resin-based materials engineered to replace traditional metals such as steel or aluminum. Typically used for electrical and magnetic shielding applications in such industries as automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, cable and alternative energy, ElectriPlast can be molded into any of the infinite shapes and sizes associated with plastics, rubbers and other polymers, while reducing component weight by 40% to 60%.

"ElectriPlast is a highly specialized and customized material, and all of our clients require some level of engineering support and application development assistance to initially incorporate our unique technology into their products," said Mo Zeidan, Integral's Chief Technology Officer and head of the Tech Center. "We work very closely with our clients and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer unparalleled engineering support. The Tech Center now allows us to strengthen this support, as well as research and develop new and innovative ways to apply our technology, all under one roof."

About Integral Technologies, Inc.

Integral Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ITKG) ("Integral"), and wholly owned subsidiary ElectriPlast Corp., engage in the discovery, development, and commercialization of electrically conductive hybrid plastics used primarily as raw materials in the production of industrial, commercial and consumer products and services worldwide. Its core material, ElectriPlast, is a non-corrosive, electrically conductive resin-based material whose properties allow it to be molded into any of the infinite shapes and sizes associated with plastics, rubbers and other polymers while reducing component weight by 40 to 60%. Integral is a leader in conductive hybrid plastics with a broad Intellectual Property portfolio referencing its ElectriPlast technology. Applications for ElectriPlast include: Shielding Wire, Power Electronics, Connectors, and Cables; Shielding, Conduction, Batteries, Semiconductors, Heated Elements, Sensors, Antennas, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics and Acoustics, Fuses, Capacitors, Resistors, RFID, Bus bars and Terminals. 

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