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NY: Amazon Opens Second Amazon Fresh Store in Northeast

Mar 29, 2021
Amazon continues to expand its Amazon Fresh store concept with a new location in Plainview, New York, about 33 miles from New York City. It will be Amazon Fresh’s second location in the Northeast. In November, Amazon said it would open an Amazon Fresh store in a shuttered Fairway Market in Woodland Park, New Jersey.
To date, Amazon has opened 12 Amazon Fresh stores, with eight in California and four in the Chicago suburbs, reports the publication Chain Store Age. Its most recent location is in Long Beach, Calif. Bloomberg recently reported that Amazon plans to open at least 28 additional Amazon Fresh stores across the U.S.
The first Amazon Fresh opened in August 2020, in Woodland Hills, Calif.
Amazon designed Amazon Fresh from the ground up to offer a seamless shopping experience, with extra perks for members of its Amazon Prime paid loyalty program, reports CSA. Although Amazon Fresh features traditional checkout counters, shoppers who prefer to skip the queue have the option of using the Amazon Dash Cart.
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