CA: NoteVault, a Mobile Construction Reporting Co, Opens New HQ Building

12 May, 2014

NoteVault, Inc., a provider of innovative voice-to-text-based mobile reporting solutions for the engineering and construction industry, announced the opening of its new 5,500-square foot headquarters building in San Diego.

On the heels of its latest investment news from West Partners, the move will accommodate NoteVault's rapidly-expanding staff and departments, and allow the company to continue to grow nationally.

"We've more than doubled our employee base in the last year and we needed a new location in San Diego to accommodate our growing staff and client base," said Peter Lasensky, CEO at NoteVault. "With an active sales force in San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston and Philadelphia, we are planning to enter other metropolitan markets, including Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Miami this year."