CA: Vector Expands National Footprint with New San Jose HQ

3 Nov, 2017

Vector, a nanosatellite launch company comprised of new-space and enterprise software industry veterans from SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Sea Launch and VMware, announced the opening of a new office in San Jose, California, to expand its current business operations throughout the West Coast. Vector's Silicon Valley headquarters, its first office addition since beginning operations in 2016, will house a software engineering team responsible for the development of the first software defined satellites for GalacticSky. The new headquarters will also be influential in supporting GalacticSky's partnership with Citrix, as well as accommodating the company's growing sales and marketing teams.

"Silicon Valley is home to many leading technology companies and plays a central role in driving global innovation," said Jim Cantrell, CEO and co-founder of Vector. "San Jose offers a great opportunity for Vector to serve current and future markets by broadening our software engineering capabilities, specifically in our GalacticSky division. We are looking forward to establishing a presence in one of the country's largest technology hubs, right here in San Jose."

In conjunction with the opening of Vector's Silicon Valley headquarters, the company has also named Shaun Coleman chief sales and marketing officer of Vector. Coleman, an early investor in Vector and current board member, has served as senior vice president of marketing and general manager of GalacticSky since 2016. As an enterprise software industry and Silicon Valley veteran, Coleman has had a proven track-record of startup success having founded three companies and leading several to a successful exit. In his new role at Vector, Coleman will be responsible for the company's entire customer experience, including sales, marketing and business development, in addition to his duties as the general manager of GalacticSky.

"San Jose has not been home to a launch vehicle company since the 1960s and with our new office, we are excited to bring aerospace back to the area," said Shaun Coleman, chief sales and marketing officer of Vector. "As home to Vector's GalacticSky business unit and the sales and marketing teams, the Silicon Valley headquarters will be influential in establishing Vector as a leader in satellite virtualization and low-cost micro satellite launch services."

The 4000-square-foot space located at 100 Century Center Court, will house approximately 15 new hires across the company's marketing, sales, and software engineering departments. To learn more about the available positions and to apply, please visit Vector's Careers Web Page at

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