FL: California Firm Considering Indian River County for New HQ

10 May, 2013

The Indian River County Chamber of Commerce announced that Next Level Security Systems, Inc. is considering relocating its corporate headquarters to Indian River County from Southern California.  The Indian River County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved the company’s recent Local Jobs Grant application.

“We are happy to see a growing trend of West Coast firms looking east, and invite more companies like Next Level Security to do the same.  With California having a host of anti-business rules and regulations including a complex taxing structure, Florida and Indian River County are the perfect location for companies that want a more welcoming and competitive business environment”, commented County Commissioner Tim Zorc, the Board’s economic development liaison.  During the discussion, Commissioners pointed out the top 3 reasons to locate to Indian River County:  1) No state income tax; 2) one of the lowest property tax rates in Florida; and 3) stable government structure. 

Next Level Security Systems, currently headquartered in Carlsbad, California, is a physical security company focused on developing a new breed of networked security solutions. Next Level’s products seamlessly integrate management and distribution of digital video, as well as audio content, access control, identity management, video and audio analytics and intrusion detection into one solution, setting new standards in performance vs. cost.

Next Level Security Systems has taken physical security to the 'Next Level' by integrating these once disparate systems into a single platform and taking it one step further with the use of built-in advanced technologies such as facial recognition, license plate recognition and audio analytics. While traditional systems have focused on 'reactive' security solutions, Next Level Security Systems has developed a system offering both reactive and proactive solutions.  Proactive, or pre-emptive security enables customers to not only focus on response to security situations in real-time, but to identify potential threats before they happen and take appropriate preventative action.  Next Level's Cloud Services product provides the ability to access all of these features remotely from multiple sites, as well as on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The Chamber’s Economic Development Office has worked with company executives to discuss plans and facilitate their relocation decision.  Next Level Security plans to fill 10 new positions over the next two years, paying an average annual wage of $80,000-$100,000 – more than twice the county’s average wage of $34,119. The economic development office and county staff are working with Enterprise Florida in getting approval on the company’s application for a Florida Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund.  The county’s grant award of $70,000 will be paid over a three-year period after the new jobs are in place, and would be part of the pending QTI award.

Peter Jankowski, President of Next Level Securities Systems, stated, “Our expanding business and growth forecast in the coming years necessitated a move to a business friendly community in a central location with easy access to our many customers on the East Coast.  Vero Beach met all of those requirements and we are excited at the opportunity to be part of the county’s growing business community.  The support shown by the County and the Chamber has been unprecedented in our experience and was key in our decision to relocate to Vero Beach.  We are grateful for the support and are looking forward to both the lifestyle and business environment Vero Beach offers our company and employees."

“We are excited that such a high-tech company like Next Level Security is considering Indian River County for their corporate headquarters.  This is the perfect location, especially for California companies looking for tax relief.  We offer low taxes, a welcoming business climate, a high standard of education and training opportunities, and plenty of outdoor activities for active families,” added Helene Caseltine, the Chamber’s Economic Development Director.

For more information on locating or expanding a business in Indian River County, call Helene Caseltine at the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce at 772-567-3491 or visit