ID: CropLogic, a New Zealand Ag-Tech Co., to Expand to Twin Falls | Trade and Industry Development

ID: CropLogic, a New Zealand Ag-Tech Co., to Expand to Twin Falls

Oct 29, 2018

CropLogic is pleased to announce it will locate a regional sales office in Twin Falls, ID. CropLogic, a New Zealand company, is an international provider of digital agricultural technology and agronomy services for growers of irrigated crops. The announcement is in partnership with CropLogic, the City of Twin Falls, the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) and Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization (SIEDO).

“Partnerships and relationships are a top priority for CropLogic. Having established ourselves in the Columbia Basin, Washington State in early 2017 the take up of our technology in that region has been beyond our expectations. This has been largely due to the partnerships we have developed in that area,” said James Cooper-Jones, CEO of CropLogic. “As we have looked at expansion opportunities into the greater Pacific North West the response from Twin Falls has been excellent. We’re excited about offering Idaho growers greater access to our technologies and look forward to further developing our partnerships and relationships in this region.”

The company’s regional sales office will provide Southern Idaho with greater access to CropLogic’s suite of innovative digital agriculture technologies, as well as resources for the region’s strong agriculture industry.

“The agricultural research sector represents a significant opportunity for Twin Falls,” said Shawn Barigar, mayor of Twin Falls. “We are eager to watch CropLogic establish roots here and be a part of the remarkable growth that is taking place. Their partnerships will be great not only for our local growers but for many other sectors of our economy as well.”

CropLogic provides a suite of digital agricultural technologies including remote soil moisture monitoring, aerial infrared imagery and predictive modelling. These have been developed with research institutes out of New Zealand and in collaboration with growers and agronomists in New Zealand, Australia and USA. Some of these technologies draw on over 30 years of research. CropLogic has a team of agronomists in the USA and Australia that provide advice on the best application of these technologies.

“It is so exciting to welcome CropLogic to Twin Falls and the Southern Idaho region,” said Connie Stopher, SIEDO Executive Director. “Their expertise and innovative technology are a perfect fit for our region’s robust agricultural base and we’re thrilled to be a part of their growth.”

CropLogic’s office space will be provided by the College of Southern Idaho. This strategic location will provide a strong partnership between the company and CSI to expose students to valuable ag-tech careers and skills.

“As we met with CropLogic over the past few weeks, it became apparent that they were a great match for Southern Idaho and the regional emergence as a center of food production and processing technology,” said Todd Schwarz, executive vice president and chief academic officer of CSI. “True to the history and culture of CSI, we welcome CropLogic and provide what we are able to in order to promote their early, and long-term success in the Magic Valley and the benefits they will bring to our programming, to our students, and to our community.”

“Research partnerships are important to CropLogic and this relationship with CSI adds to our research relationships with institutions in New Zealand, Australia and now USA,” said James Cooper-Jones. “We find local research institutes have a unique perspective on the challenges facing growers in their own region. We’re excited how this unique perspective coupled with the resources from our other global research partners can assist CropLogic and the Twin Falls region in providing increasingly innovative agricultural technologies for growers in Southern Idaho.”

About CropLogic

CropLogic is an award-winning New Zealand agricultural technology company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). After launching its product into Washington State, USA in 2017 CropLogic is currently servicing a significant portion of horticultural growers there, in some crops having a market share as high as 30%. CropLogic offers growers of irrigated crops with digital agricultural technology expertise based upon scientific research and delivered with cutting edge technology – science, agronomy and technology interwoven into an expert system for decision support.

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About Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization

Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization (SIEDO) is a joint venture of public and private sectors in the communities of Buhl, Burley, Filer, Glenns Ferry, Gooding, Heyburn, Jerome, Lincoln County, Paul, Rupert, Shoshone, Twin Falls, and Wendell formed to help diversify and strengthen the local economy by retaining and attracting business to the Southern Idaho region. SIEDO works closely with each of these communities to promote economic development through expansion of existing business and to implement a focused consistent program to attract new businesses to the region. For more information about SIEDO and/or the Southern Idaho region, please visit

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