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UT: NUVI Doubles in Size, Moves to New HQ in Lehi

May 12, 2016

Social media giant NUVI is growing at an impressive pace – and now calls new 45,500 square-foot corporate headquarters in the center of Utah’s booming tech corridor at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi home.

The move to larger headquarters resulted from 100 local jobs being added over the last two years. NUVI anticipates continued rapid growth, providing the opportunity for future software development, account team, sales and customer service positions. NUVI is a social media industry leader, creating an innovative SaaS tool that enables companies and organizations to hear and see what people say, think and feel about a brand or topic. More than 1,200 companies, organizations and higher education institutions use NUVI’s SaaS-based Social Media Suite globally. It has 85 customers in Utah.

A 720 square-foot social media Command Center comprised of six 48” HD screens is centrally located in the space and displays visually through mapping, clouds, timelines and streams millions of conversations from the social sphere ‑ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Delicious, Reddit, WordPress blogs and more than 20 million RSS feeds ‑ in real-time. In addition to the Command Center, the new office also features a stadium bleacher-style conference room, snack stations, open concept workspaces and indoor gym.

Harnessing intelligence to increase return on engagement and investment remains a top priority for leaders across all sectors – public, private and nonprofit. Altimer Group, recognized for its research in social media and data privacy, recently reported company leaders rank using social insights to make informed decisions about products, customers and employees as one of their top five social strategy objectives.

“For research, marketing and customer relations, being able to ‘listen in’ on conversations and understand the sentiment around a position, a product or policy is like working with a focus group every day,” said Cameron Jenson, NUVI CEO. “Being able to locate, see, understand, and act by identifying trends early and joining in on the conversation at the right moment is critical. Our new office is creative and energetic and is the ideal space to help us retain and attract top talent.”

The company and development of its SaaS-based Social Media Suite has grown with limited institutional funding. NUVI Chairman, Keith Nellesen, a former owner of Vivint, is the company’s lead investor and remains active in the company’s strategic direction. NUVI’s customers span public relations and advertising agencies, political strategists, consumer product companies, colleges, universities and financial and government institutions.

Key Facts:

– There are billions of conversations taking place in the social sphere every day; NUVI captures the conversations to enable companies and organizations to hear, see, act and engage.

– NUVI employs more than 120 at its Utah location.

– NUVI serves more than 1,200 clients globally comprised of 85 Utah customers, 800+ national customers and 300 international customers.

– Customers include higher education, consumer products, online marketplaces.

– NUVI Social Media Suite is a SaaS-based listening, monitoring and reporting tool that captures and displays millions of conversations from the social sphere ‑ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Delicious, Reddit, WordPress blogs and more than 20 million RSS feeds – in real-time.

– NUVI is making significant investments in product research and development to fuel rapid company growth.

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