Food & Agriculture Related Development News

Development News | September 21, 2018
VA: Monogram Foods to Invest $30M, Expand, Add 300 New Jobs in Henry County   

Manufacturer of value-added meats will invest $30M to expand its manufacturing operation, Monogram Snacks, in Henry County, VA. More>>

Development News | September 20, 2018
KY: Castle & Key Distillery Opens $30M Renovated Site, Will Hire 100    

Four-plus-year renovation of legendary property results in tourism destination, promise of 100 new jobs in KY. More>>

Development News | September 18, 2018
CT: P2 Science Opens Green Chemistry Advanced Manufacturing Plant   

Venture-backed, biorenewable chemistry co. held a ribbon cutting for its green chemistry advanced manufacturing plant in Naugatuck, CT. More>>

Development News | September 11, 2018
FL: MG Foods Selects Brevard Bringing 95 New Jobs and a $2.3M Investment    

Food mfg co. to renovate 30,000-sq-ft faciliy for its new production and distribution facility, which will lead to 95 new employees. More>>

Development News | September 10, 2018
GA: De Wafelbakkers to Invest $15M, Expand Henry County Facility, Hire 83   

Manufacturer of made from scratch breakfast products to invest $15M to expand its production facility in Henry County, GA. More>>

Development News | September 7, 2018
GA: Starbucks to Open New Office, Create 500 Jobs in Atlanta   

Atlanta satellite office will operate as extension of Starbucks Support Center in Seattle and provide co. access to large pool of talent. More>>

Development News | September 4, 2018
KY: Sister Schubert's to Invest $50M, Expand, Add 72 Jobs in Hart County    

Producer of frozen dinner rolls announced a $50M phase I expansion of mfg operation in Hart County, KY, expected to create 72 full-time jobs. More>>

Development News | August 30, 2018
MO: Palindromes to Invest $63M, Build HQ, Two More Facilities, Hire 93   

Co. with diversified project portfolio in sustainable, socially responsible access to food, water, energy, shelter, clothing to open 3 MO facilities. More>>

Development News | August 30, 2018
IN: Premier BioSource to Establish New $7.5M Jasper County, Hire 21   

Agriculture biosciences co. specializing in production of research-purposed swine to break ground on first IN farming operation in Rensselaer. More>>

Development News | August 28, 2018
GA: Inspire Brands to Create 1,100+ Jobs in Sandy Springs, Invest $32M   

Multi-brand restaurant co. to invest $32M, locate new HQ in Fulton County, GA, create 1,100 jobs. More>>