Development News | January 14, 2020
CO: Canfield Bikes Relocates to Colorado's Grand Valley, to Create 20 Jobs   

Canfield Bikes plans to relocate to Fruita, Colorado. The 20-year-old company will join DT Swiss, Rocky Mounts, and MRP in Colorado's Grand Valley. More>>

Development News | January 14, 2020
UT: Procter & Gamble to Expand Operations in Box Elder Co., Creating 221 Jobs   

Procter & Gamble (P&G) will expand its operations in Box Elder County, creating up to 221 jobs in the next 20 years. More>>

Development News | January 13, 2020
UT: Northrop Grumman to Expand in Weber County, Creating 2,000+ Jobs   

Northrop Grumman Corporation intends to expand its operations in Weber County, Utah, creating up to 2,250 jobs in the next 20 years. More>>

Development News | January 13, 2020
AZ: PVB to Expand Headquarters in Marana, Adding 169 Jobs   

PVB Fabrications, Inc. plans to expand its headquarters in Marana, Ariz., adding 169 new jobs. More>>

Industry News | January 13, 2020
UT: Joint County Initiative to Be Named Northern Utah Economic Alliance    

The regional economic development initiative launched by Weber and Davis Counties in June 2019 has a new name – the Northern Utah Economic Alliance... More>>

Development News | January 9, 2020
UT: Breeze Aviation Announces Utah as Corporate HQ, to Create 369 Jobs   

New company Breeze Aviation plans to open its corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, creating 369 jobs in the next five years. More>>

Development News | January 8, 2020
UT: Weave Communications to Bring Nearly 1,000 Jobs to Utah   

Weave, a leader in customer communication and one of Utah’s fastest-growing tech companies, will expand its operations in Utah, creating 997 jobs... More>>

Development News | January 3, 2020
CO: The Pro’s Closet Announces New Facility, Adds Employees   

The Pro’s Closet, a leading seller of pre-owned bikes and components, expanded to an additional 28,000-square-foot facility in Longmont, Colo. More>>

Industry News | December 30, 2019
UT: 2019 Tax Rebates Bring Nearly 10,000 New High-Paying Jobs   

In 2019, 20 companies participated in Utah's Economic Development Tax Increment Financing (EDTIF) tax rebate program, creating 9,643 jobs. More>>

Development News | December 24, 2019
UT: Five New Awardees in Tax Rebate Program Could Generate 3,000 New Jobs   

A long-running state tax rebate program closed out 2019 with a bang when five new awardees were announced that could lead to nearly 3,000 new jobs. More>>



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