TID Contributors

Author | January 13, 2011
Robert L. Price   

Robert L. Price is an Atlanta-based site selection and incentives negotiation expert, and a Director at the Midtown firm of HERRON CONSULTING. He... More>>

Author | January 6, 2011
Leslie Wagner   

Ms. Leslie Wagner, Director of Project Management and Development for Ginovus, leads clients through the site selection, location analysis and... More>>

Author | January 6, 2011
Mark Ehrmann   

Mark Ehrmann is Chairman of Forward Wisconsin, Inc. He is a corporate services attorney whose 20+ years of legal experience has concentrated on... More>>

Author | November 15, 2010
Phil Quartel   

Phil Quartel, senior director, operations design at Fortna Inc. (www.fortna.com), is an expert at distribution network strategy and transportation... More>>

Author | November 15, 2010
Ed Hamberger   

Ed Hamberger serves as President and CEO of the Association of American Railroads. More>>

Author | November 11, 2010
Melissa Hockstad   

Melissa Hockstad serves as vice president, science, technology & regulatory affairs for SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association. Since joining... More>>

Author | November 9, 2010
Heidi Green   

Commissioner Heidi Green, of Georgia’s Department of Economic Development, leads Georgia's work to create jobs and investment through attracting... More>>

Author | September 22, 2010
Douglas K. Woods   

Douglas K. Woods joined AMT as its president in April 2009. A lifelong manufacturing professional, Mr. Woods leads the Association’s drive to... More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Robert McDonnell   

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is dedicated to implementing policies and initiatives that will create more opportunities for all Virginians, promote... More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Aaron D. Olver   

Prior to appointment as Secretary of Commerce, Aaron D. Olver served as Deputy Secretary of Commerce and the Executive Assistant at Commerce, as well... More>>



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