TID Contributors

Author | July 28, 2016
Mike Mendelsohn   

As Senior Director of Project Finance and Capital Markets for the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Mike Mendelsohn is tasked with opening... More>>

Author | July 28, 2016
Hannah Hunt   

Hannah Hunt is a senior analyst for Industry Data & Analysis at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) in Washington, D.C. She performs market... More>>

Author | July 28, 2016
Tim Shea   

Tim Shea is the general manager of Product Development at AngelouEconomics More>>

Author | July 28, 2016
Governor Larry Hogan   

Larry Hogan is a lifelong Marylander who loves the state. In 2014, he was elected as Maryland’s governor and his focus has been getting the state's... More>>

Author | May 24, 2016
David F. Melcher   

David F. Melcher is president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association. More>>

Author | May 24, 2016
Kathy Reiss   

Kathy Reiss is director, research and industry analysis for the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA). Reiss supports OESA staff and... More>>

Author | May 24, 2016
Michael Popke   

Freelance writer Michael Popke is an award-winning journalist with more than 25 years of professional experience in print and digital media. More>>

Author | May 23, 2016
Governor Robert Bentley   

Since Governor Robert Bentley took office in 2011, Alabama’s economic development team has recruited more than 70,000 jobs. More>>

Author | March 10, 2016
Christopher Steele   

Christopher Steele is global COO and the North American president of Investment Consulting Associates, a business consulting firm specializing in... More>>

Author | March 10, 2016
Michael D. Feldman, FMP, CM   

Michael D. Feldman, FMP, CM, is the chair of International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA’s) board of directors and the managing member... More>>