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AL: Interstate Business Park Receives AdvantageSite Designation

Mar 21, 2010

Interstate Business Park in Autauga County has received an AdvantageSite designation.

The AdvantageSite program requires that community economic development organizations provide documentation specific to a proposed industrial site, including a set of standard data related to ownership/control, environmental and geotechnical conditions, and infrastructure status. Sites must also meet size, zoning and accessibility requirements.

"Achieving AdvantageSite status guarantees our continued economic development success by highlighting what we have to offer in our community," said Connie Bainbridge, president of the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce.

"This designation signifies the quality of the product we have established and proves our serious commitment to the economic development process," said Tom Stackhouse, president and CEO, Central Alabama Electric Cooperative.

"Our team continues to successfully demonstrate to new prospects that our community is open for business," said Richard Ray, chairman of the board of directors of the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce.

"The cooperation of varied entities - in this case, Central Alabama Electric Cooperative, the chamber of commerce, along with county and city leadership - shows prospective industries that there is a dedicated team working cooperatively behind the scenes," said Greg Knighton, Economic Partnership of Alabama vice president and director of business information. "And with the AdvantageSite designation, you have proof that this team sees the value in being prepared for future growth. These are factors that can tip the balance in a competitive situation."

The AdvantageSite program is jointly sponsored by the Alabama Development Office, Alabama Gas Corporation, Alabama Power Company, EDPA, the North Alabama Industrial Development Association and  PowerSouth Energy Cooperative. The voluntary industrial site preparedness program was created in order to make the state more competitive for companies considering a location in Alabama.

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