AL: Kaishan Compressor USA Holds Groundbreaking for Expansion in Loxley, to Create 50 Jobs | Trade and Industry Development

AL: Kaishan Compressor USA Holds Groundbreaking for Expansion in Loxley, to Create 50 Jobs

Jun 04, 2024

Kaishan Compressor USA, a global leader in industrial rotary screw air compressor manufacturing, is thrilled to announce an expansion of their Loxley facility a mere five years since its inception. In response to Kaishan’s growth and to meet the needs of the rotary screw air compressor industry, Kaishan is set to extend its manufacturing capacity and increase its workforce.  

With a heritage exceeding 65 years, Kaishan breaks through its benchmarks in a competitive marketplace. The demand for its products has propelled them beyond expectations, leading the company to outgrow its current facilities. Kaishan stands as a pillar of industrial progress, embodying reliability, value, performance, and unparalleled support. Since the company’s initial groundbreaking in 2018, Kaishan has seen a workforce increase of over 55%, currently boasting more than fifty dedicated employees.

The company’s vision for the future is robust and committed to generating 50 new jobs within the next five years. Lee Lawson, President & CEO of the Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance (BCEDA), talked more about this project’s impact on the community. “The BCEDA is proud to see Kaishan add fifty new jobs directly into Baldwin County. These jobs will pay more than 150% higher than the average county wage, adding approximately $4.2 million in new payroll for the community.” To facilitate this growth, the rotary screw air compressor manufacturer is channeling over $11 million into investments to enhance its manufacturing capabilities. This ambitious expansion is expected to span 18 months, with their sights set on completion by Spring 2025.

The investment underscores Kaishan’s commitment to its team, with a substantial focus on in-house employee and technical service training. Kaishan is set to augment its Research & Development Center, placing focus on the ongoing development of its Oil-Free products as well as its staple oil-injected rotary screw compressors. The company’s focus will extend its global exports, targeting new and needed areas in the market.

Kaishan Compressor USA CEO Keith Schumacher talked about the growth the compressor market has experienced in recent years. “Kaishan has seen unprecedented growth in the North American compressor market since our first groundbreaking at this site,” said Schumacher. “Our customers have patronized our products, our customer service, and our business strategies, making it impossible to continue without doubling the size of our existing facility. Additionally, we are proud to be part of the growth here in lower Alabama as we add high-quality jobs as a result of our reshoring activities.”

City of Loxley Mayor Richard Teal said he was thrilled about Kaishan’s growth. “The City of Loxley is extremely excited regarding the $11 million expansion of the Kaishan Compressor USA facility located within our corporate limits,” Teal said. “We deeply value and appreciate all our partners in our endeavors for economic development and job creation. We are thrilled regarding the future of our community and job creation, new or expanded business, and more healthy and sustainable opportunities for our citizens and region.”

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