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AL: MTC Logistics Opens $61 Million Cargo Hub in Mobile, Adding 75 Jobs

Dec 06, 2021
Baltimore, Maryland-based MTC Logistics opened a sprawling refrigerated cargo facility in Mobile, a $61 million project that will add 75 new jobs and has growth potential for the future.
MTC broke ground in 2019 on what is now one of the largest distribution centers of its kind in the Southeast, designed to provide shippers with seamless supply chain solutions focused on global commerce.
Company leaders joined state and local officials at the Mobile site today to mark the grand opening of MTC’s facility.
“The expansion to Mobile is helping MTC serve a valued long-term customer who needed a port location to service their Southeastern customers,” said Harry Halpert, chairman of MTC Logistics and CEO of Hoffberger Holdings Inc.
“Mobile’s ‘find a yes’ attitude, which pervades local government and its business community, fits well with MTC’s service-oriented culture,” Halpert added.
“Our optimism is so strong at this point we are already in discussion about a significant expansion.” 
Consumers throughout the Southeast will see these products on their dining room table, and the new Mobile facility will help lower transportation costs and assures ready availability, MTC officials said.
Located between APM Terminals and Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley on property sold to MTC by the Alabama State Port Authority, the building has more than 12.6 million cubic feet of refrigerated space capable of storing 40,000-plus pallets of frozen vegetables, meat and seafood.
MTC President Andy Janson added the timing is critical for the Mobile facility’s opening.
“The supply chain, and more importantly the ‘perishable food supply chain’ is front-page news these days and our timing to develop an ‘out of the box’ solution for this sector of the nation’s food supply chain in partnership with the Mobile community is very rewarding,” Janson said.
“Our optimism is so strong at this point we are already in discussion about a significant expansion, which will only add additional jobs and opportunities in this wonderful community,” he added.
Mobile Area Chamber Board Chair Terry Harbin said he believes MTC’s new facility will act as a “springboard for other announcements.” In February, Ren Seafoods announced a seafood processing facility and distribution hub in Mobile to be near MTC Logistics.
“MTC’s cold storage distribution facility adds a new dimension to the expanding operations at the Port of Mobile,” said Greg Canfield, Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce.
“MTC carefully selected Mobile for this operation because of the area’s first-class infrastructure assets, and I’m confident the company will grow and thrive in this ideal setting,” he added.
MTC has 30-plus employees on its roster and is continuing to hire. More information on available positions can be found on the company website career page.
Partners in this project include the Alabama State Port Authority, APM Terminals, City of Mobile, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, Mobile County and the State of Alabama.
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