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Birmingham Receives Visit from Indian Officials

Jan 07, 2009

Two high-level Indian government officials visited Birmingham on Monday, to make what they called personal contacts to further commerce between their country and Alabama.

The visitors were Sanjiv Arora, India's Counsul General in Houston, and V.S. Senthil, economics minister at the country's embassy in Washington.

Attendees at an afternoon reception included Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins, Commissioner William Bell and University of Alabama Law School Dean Kenneth Randall. The reception was hosted by the international practice group of the Birmingham law firm Haskell Slaughter Young & Rediker

"We have very much appreciated being honored in the finest traditions of Southern hospitality," Arora said. "Cooperation between us has great potential."

There is room for growth. India isn't one of Alabama's leading trading partners, which is led by Germany, with $4.8 billion in two-way trade. India is the world's second most populous nation, the largest democracy, and did $42 billion in two-way trade with the United States last year.
"Alabama is coming up very fast as a trading partner," said Senthil, the economics minister. "The areas of particular interest are biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and aerospace."

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