Rocky Creek Lumber Co. to Expand; Create 20 New Jobs; Invest $5M

2 Aug, 2009

Martin Cos. LLC said Tuesday it would spend $5 million to expand its Rocky Creek Lumber Co. in Mexia, near Monroeville, adding up to 20 jobs to the current 80.

The expansion comes at a time when many sawmills are closing because of the nation's deeply depressed new housing market, and a resulting low demand for lumber. Also known as RoyOMartin, the Alexandria, La.,-based company believes the expansion will increase efficiency and allow it to capture growth when the lumber market recovers.

"We are setting up, getting ready to add capacity." President Roy Martin III told the Press-Register.

The state and the city of Monroeville are expected to grant incentives including a 10-year abatement of some property taxes, plus sales tax breaks on equipment and construction materials, said Monroe County Probate Judge Greg Norris.

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