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AZ: Clear Energy Systems Announces Major Expansion in Arizona, to Create 225 Jobs

Oct 25, 2011
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Clear Energy Systems, a manufacturer of portable electric generation systems, is expanding its operations in Arizona, creating hundreds of new jobs, increasing Arizona's exports globally and investing in the local economy. Joined by Governor Jan Brewer, the Arizona Commerce Authority and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, the company announced its plans to invest $10 million to launch its new Genesis 1000 power generation system in Arizona. This move is expected to create 225 high-wage jobs in the state over the next three years.

Clear Energy Systems' Genesis 1000 is a transportable one megawatt power generation system fueled by natural gas and other spark ignited fuels such as bio-gas. The unit is one-third of the size and one-fifth of the weight of comparable units, and has lower operating costs. This state-of-the-art technology has many practical uses such as oil exploration, mining operations, and balancing utility power plant loads. Because the unit is portable, it can be transported to generate energy during emergency situations such as natural disasters.

“Clear Energy Systems is pleased to announce its commitment to Arizona as part of its facilities expansion and the company’s launch of its new Genesis 1000 power generation system," said Tony Carmen, president and CEO of Clear Energy Systems. "We thank Governor Brewer, the Arizona Commerce Authority and GPEC for their efforts in making our decision to launch our new product in Arizona the right choice for Clear Energy Systems.”

“Clear Energy Systems is a great example of an Arizona company thriving in this state," said Governor Jan Brewer. “I’m committed to encouraging and fostering the growth of businesses that produce high quality employment opportunities --and Clear Energy is doing just that.”

“Clear Energy Systems’ continued commitment in Arizona is a perfect example of the ACA helping companies already established in the state grow,” said Don Cardon president and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “One of our goals is to help Arizona's companies realize future success. Clear Energy Systems is leading the way in advanced technology, and we're proud the work is being done in our state."

"GPEC consistently maintains a pulse on high-growth companies across the country. While Clear Energy Systems initially evaluated multiple national
locations for its next-generation manufacturing facility, we’re elated to have been part of the process that kept this innovative and export-oriented company in Greater Phoenix," said Barry Broome, president and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

Clear Energy Systems' decision to expand in Arizona not only creates jobs, but is expected to increase Arizona's exports globally. The company already has received significant expressions of interest in the Genesis 1000 from prospective overseas customers.

About Clear Energy Systems
Clear Energy Systems, Inc. intends to become a leading innovator in mobile and distributed power generation systems. The Company’s initial product, the Genesis 1000TM,which is expected to launch in mid-2012, is a compact, efficient, affordable, environmentally friendly and fuel agile one megawatt power generation unit for domestic and global markets. For more information, visit

About the Arizona Commerce Authority
The Arizona Commerce Authority is dedicated to welcoming domestic and international businesses to Arizona and encouraging the expansion of existing businesses in the State. The agency maintains foreign trade offices in Canada, Asia, Europe and Mexico. The ACA will focus exclusively on business attraction, retention and expansion of Arizona’s strongest economic sectors including science/technology, aerospace/defense, renewable energies and small business/entrepreneurial expansion efforts. For more information contact: Arizona Commerce Authority at 602-845-1200 or

About the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC)
A true public/private partnership, GPEC is the regional economic development organization for Greater Phoenix. Working with its 20 member communities, Maricopa County and 155 private investors, GPEC attracts quality businesses to this dynamic region. By creating a high-performance economy through capital investments and jobs, Greater Phoenix companies enjoy a business climate where they can compete and thrive in today's global economy. Since 1989, GPEC has worked to achieve an economically sound and sustainable region. For more information, visit

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