AZ: Governor Jan Brewer Celebrates Phoenix Expansion of Goodrich Corp.

21 Mar, 2011

Aerospace/Defense Firm Prepares for Addition of more than 150 New Jobs
View of Phoenix Arizona from the Mountains

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Governor Jan Brewer recently addressed employees and senior leaders at Goodrich Corporation as the company celebrated the expansion of its Phoenix complex. The expansion paves the way for the eventual addition of more than 150 jobs to the facility.

“Signs of economic recovery and job growth in the state of Arizona are occurring on a regular basis,” said Governor Brewer. “Drawn by low corporate tax rates, a strong education system, targeted business incentives and broad tax reforms, businesses with worldwide reach are choosing to locate and expand their operations in Arizona.”

“We are honored to have Governor Brewer with us here at Goodrich today,” said Tom Mepham, President of Goodrich Interiors. “She is helping Goodrich celebrate some significant milestones at our facility, including the fact that Goodrich facilities in Phoenix are growing and with this growth we are bringing jobs to the Valley. This is good news for our citizens, our city, our state and Goodrich.”

Arizona has played a key role in Goodrich’s continued growth and expansion through the state’s competitive tax policy and ready workforce. Goodrich focuses on technology and innovation in the aerospace industry, and currently employs about 680 Arizonans. Its Interior Systems division has been headquartered in Phoenix since 1987. The Phoenix campus also is home to the company’s Interiors and Lighting Systems
divisions, the areas of expansion that hope to generate at least 150 additional jobs in the next few years.

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