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BC: UK-Based LifeSaver Adds North American Distribution from Vancouver

Dec 06, 2019
LifeSaver, a UK-based manufacturer of portable and reusable water filtration systems, announced its partnership with Eartheasy Distribution. Based in Vancouver, BC, Eartheasy will oversee sales and distribution for the LifeSaver brand in North America, effective immediately.
LifeSaver has been making water filtration products since 2007, both for the humanitarian sector and consumers. Its products offer protection against bacteria, cysts and viruses with FailSafe technology that ensures tainted water won’t pass through once the filters are blocked, better protecting the user.
In addition, LifeSaver products offer a long-lasting alternative to the single use plastic water bottles plaguing our oceans and waterways.
“We are delighted to be working with Eartheasy, they really understand our brand and what we’re here to achieve,” said Ian Selby, SVP of LifeSaver. “Their experienced team of sales, marketing and e-com specialists adds significant value to our global network. We are the benchmark in water purification and Eartheasy is the benchmark in outdoor distribution. We’re excited for 2020 and beyond.”
Eartheasy, a family-owned business founded in 2000, provides sales, marketing and distribution for innovative brands in the outdoor industry. Eartheasy’s focus on both outdoor recreation and emergency preparedness markets makes them an ideal match for LifeSaver’s product line.
“We are really excited to be working with LifeSaver, as they have a proven track record of creating versatile and reliable water purification products that meet the highest international standards,” said Ben Seaman, CEO of Eartheasy. “Our North American customers can look forward to accessing the entire range of LifeSaver purifiers in the New Year.”
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