CN: British Columbia Government Invests $8 Million in Kamloops Advanced Wood Manufacturing | Trade and Industry Development

CN: British Columbia Government Invests $8 Million in Kamloops Advanced Wood Manufacturing

May 15, 2024

The Government of British Columbia is investing up to $8 million to support engineered wood production in Kamloops, B.C. The investment, through the BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund (BCMJF), will go towards helping Tolko Industries expand its Heffley Creek operation, including construction of a facility that will house a new Heffley Creek Engineered Wood Division, a release said.

“We’re taking action to support innovative manufacturing companies using new technology to diversify their operations and get the most value out of every tree harvested,” said B.C. Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation Brenda Bailey in a statement.

“By supporting advanced engineered wood products, we’re seeing companies protect and create the good, family-supporting jobs that are a part of our Industrial Blueprint ensuring the stronger, cleaner economic future of B.C.”

The capital project will diversify the mill’s current production beyond commodity plywood to include specialty, industrial and engineered wood products including products to support new home construction, as well as commercial, furniture, millwork, door and window, and non-residential building systems, the release said.

“This expansion allows Tolko to build on its existing suite of value-added wood products by leveraging the high-quality and superior technical attributes of B.C.’s timber. We’re developing products that not only support new home construction but commercial and non-residential, furniture, millwork and door and window systems as well,” Tolko Industries Ltd. CEO Pino Pucci said.

B.C. is also providing up to $45,760 in BCMJF funding to support Tolko’s Lake Country Division to explore the use of robotics in the production of non-residential, made-in-B.C. wood products.

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