CA: Bayer to Make $1.5+ Million in Investments in STEAM Education and West Berkeley Resiliency | Trade and Industry Development

CA: Bayer to Make $1.5+ Million in Investments in STEAM Education and West Berkeley Resiliency

Dec 27, 2022
Thirteen local non-profit and educational organizations to receive support for next 3-5 years following community-based decision-making process

Bayer will invest more than $1.5 million in Berkeley working with 13 non-profits to drive resiliency in its West Berkeley neighborhood and to advance Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education over the next three to five years. Sponsorship of these programs is part of Bayer’s recently Amended and Restated Development Agreement (ARDA) with the City of Berkeley which outlines more than $33 million in community investments to be made over the next 30 years as the company transforms its biotech operations there.

“We have a long history of active support of our community – both financially and through volunteerism,” said Jens Vogel, SVP and Global Head of Biotech for Bayer Pharmaceuticals. “These 13 groups have very exciting programs underway – some of which we have supported before like Biotech Partners and Community Resources for Science. Others, like Multicultural Institute and the Women’s Daytime Drop-in Center are new to working with Bayer. Our goal is that, as we grow and transform our operations to bring new medicines to patients, we are also helping our surrounding community to thrive.”

Bayer’s community investments over the next 30 years includes support beyond STEAM and West Berkeley – addressing areas where the community has other critical needs. Funds for affordable housing, childcare and the arts together represent roughly 30% of the community investments Bayer will make and are provided directly to the City of Berkeley to distribute through its standard channels.

“This year Bayer made its first contributions to the City of Berkeley’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Affordable Childcare fund, and the Civic Arts fund. Together these investments totaled more than $250,000,” said Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin. “For STEAM education and West Berkeley resilience we structured the ARDA to include investment committees which would bring together Bayer and community leaders to make funding decisions. I want to thank these community volunteers for their engagement in this process.”

Investments in STEAM Education

As outlined in the ARDA, support for advancing STEAM education represents about 50% of Bayer’s community investments. In this first round of funding, six organizations will receive an aggregate total of nearly $1.2 million over the next five years. Over and above these investments, Bayer’s STEAM commitment during this period also includes $600,000 to support paid internships at Bayer’s Berkeley campus for up to 15 high school and 8 community college students who come from underserved populations. Funded programs for the next five years are:

TK-8th grade
Community Resources for Science (Be a Scientist)
Stiles Hall (Pathways Coaching Program)

High School
Biotech Partners (Berkeley High Biotech Academy and Model Expansion)
Berkeley Public Schools Fund (Berkeley High Arts & Humanities Academy)

Community College
Berkeley City College (Expanding Equitable Access to Biotechnology Careers)
UC Theatre (Concert Career Pathways)
Investments in the West Berkeley Resiliency

As outlined in the ARDA, support for West Berkeley represents 20% of Bayer’s annual community investments. Bayer will support programs in three key focus areas – climate action, health equity and economic resilience – for the West Berkeley neighborhood where the company’s biotech operations are located. Funded programs for the next three years total an investment of more than $400,000 by Bayer and include:

Climate action
Bike East Bay
Waterside Workshops

Health equity
Healthy Black Families
House of Loving Hands
Women’s Daytime Drop-in Center

Local economic resiliency
Dorothy Day House
Multicultural Institute

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