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CA: RSH Group To Provide Business Retention Services for CALED

Mar 21, 2010

Wayne Schell, President/CEO of the California Association of Local Economic Development, a statewide association of over 900 city and county economic development organizations, announced that CALED has included the ability to conduct engineering based cost segregation studies for its members as a part of the inclusive array of economic development services offered to developers, businesses, and government. These services support the efforts of developers and industry to grow the California economy, create more good paying jobs, and educate the public and government officials on the benefits of a strong economic development policy.

“The addition of these cost segregation services allows our members to help existing companies in their communities strengthen their bottom line as California recovers from the current downturn.” Wayne explained.  “CALED’s economic development programs are not just about attracting new business, they’re also focused on assisting our current business partners to thrive and grow in California.”

For more information about cost segregation or any of the other CALED business programs, look at the CALED website or contact John Schuetz at 949-305-7290 or

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