FL: BelHealth Investment Moves Team to Fla., Opens HQ in Ft. Lauderdale

12 Apr, 2021

BelHealth Investment Partners, LLC ("BelHealth") announced the firm has moved its entire investment team to Florida and has opened a new headquarters in Fort Lauderdale.  
BelHealth is a healthcare focused private equity fund that invests exclusively in majority control positions in U.S. based lower middle market healthcare companies. The senior team of BelHealth has worked together for over 20 years and consists of Founder & Managing Partner Harold Blue, Managing Partner Inder Tallur, Managing Partner Scott Lee, and Chief Financial Officer Joe Wynne.
Joseph Wynne, CFO of BelHealth said, "We are excited to announce our new Florida office."
Joseph Wynne, Chief Financial Officer of BelHealth said, "We are excited to announce our new office and join the vibrant and growing private equity community in southeast Florida. After more than ten years in New York City, the recent coronavirus pandemic gave us an opportunity to evaluate the location of our corporate offices.  Florida has long been on our radar, and we are happy to relocate our operations and join the other investment firms that have chosen to relocate to Florida."
Scott Lee, Managing Partner of BelHealth said, "Florida has always been a central hub for healthcare and innovation. We are proud to plant our flag in Florida's flourishing investment community and look forward to driving further growth and innovation throughout the state for decades to come. We anticipate tapping into the state's strong talent pool and hiring additional folks on our investment team in the near term.  I especially look forward to our satellite office in Tampa by year end."