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FL: Citibank to Hire for 500 High-Tech, High-Growth Jobs in Brandon

Mar 04, 2020
Citibank has plans to hire for 500 high-tech, high-growth jobs by the end of 2020 in the Tampa Bay area, reports the Tampa Bay Business Journal.
"If you look at what’s happening, data has become very important over the last few years," Mike Healy, Citi's global head of technology for equities and securities services, told the publication. "There is a significant importance placed on data scientists who need to collect and analyze quality data, which in turn will create the opportunity for new products, efficiencies and automation of existing processes. Data is paramount; it is critical to every business you have whether it’s banking or beyond.”
Officials say the 500 jobs will be roughly two-thirds technology-focused and one-third operational, including data engineers, software engineers and business and data analysts. All the jobs will be based at the Brandon campus, joining the more than 7,000 employees currently based there.  
Citi has two main focuses when it comes to data: preparing data and automating data, says the Tampa Bay Business Journal. "That’s the challenge we have, is getting data in the right shape," Healy says. "As more businesses become electronic and digital you have to automate for all that."
“It’s great for the community, great for the environment, great for universities," Healy said, adding the new positions will help the talent pool created by surrounding universities. "One of the things we’ve been trying a lot to do more of is engage with the universities to provide more jobs for the community and provide graduates with jobs that will keep them challenged and prepare them for advancement, allowing them to stay in the community and contribute back.”
In addition to helping tackle the growing data trend, Healy told the publication that the new jobs are also a way to boost the company's workforce representation, which is used to address pay gap concerns.
“We’re very focused on diversity and making sure we have a very evenly distributed, diverse population into Citi globally," he said. "So this is another means of us helping that.”
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