FL: Clark & Son to Locate Distribution Center in Panama City, Hiring 50 | Trade and Industry Development

FL: Clark & Son to Locate Distribution Center in Panama City, Hiring 50

Oct 24, 2019
Clark & Son Inc, a leading distribution company for custom kitchen cabinets, is locating its U.S. distribution center in Panama City, Fla., bringing 50 logistics and distribution jobs to the area. 
“We were able to partner with Port Panama City and announce that Clark & Son Inc. is locating their U.S. distribution center here,” said Bay EDA President Becca Hardin. 
“Panama City really made the steps to work with me personally and on a business level,” said Clark & Son Inc. President Clark Barkheimer. 
Along with 50 new logistics and distribution jobs, this project will bring in more than 5 million dollars of invested capital. 
It will also increase Port Panama City’s traffic by 20 percent, as they will be receiving shipments from their production facilities in Merida, Mexico. 
“It is really a game-changer for the port,” Hardin said. “It is going to increase container traffic. It will start with 200 containers a month and we’re already talking to them about future expansion as their business grows in Mexico.” 
While leasing a 100,000 sq. ft. existing facility in Port Panama City’s Intermodal Distribution Center, they are ready to get this project up and running. 
“I’m really excited to be here in Panama City,” Barkheimer said. “I love the location, I love the people and I am excited to get the venture off the ground.” 
Clark & Son Inc. estimates that they will begin shipping the product through Port Panama City and to the new facility within four weeks.
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