FL: Danish Tech Firm to Expand Into Orlando, Creating 50 New Jobs

29 Nov, 2021

Danish tech company eloomi plans to expand into the U.S. with a sales and customer service hub in Orlando, creating up to 50 high-wage jobs. The company plans to relocate a sales manager from Copenhagen to Florida. Otherwise, eloomi will hire U.S. citizens in here
Eloomi launched in Copenhagen in 2015 and opened a London office in 2018. The company wants its same culture of success in all of its markets, said CEO Claus Johansen. “I really want eloomi culture to be in all of my offices. One thing is how they look, but also how we behave and all that stuff. But you can't do that because we are different.”
Eloomi’s vision of setting up a U.S. office started two years ago, but the Covid-19 pandemic and heavy U.S. travel restrictions halted progress on the plans, reports the publication Orlando Inno.