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FL: Desoto Group Moves HQ to Orlando to Grow Utility, Support Services

Jul 30, 2021
The Desoto Group, which provides support services to large-scale utility providers, has opened its new headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The company started as a matting provider but has rapidly grown to expand its services to include engineering and project management.
The company, formerly based in Jacksonville, will also turn its focus to large-scale infrastructure projects, as it continues to ramp up services. The Desoto Group plans to expand its workforce, with a focus on hiring local talent.
“Moving our headquarters to Orlando allows us to be close to the action with major infrastructure projects. As the region continues exponential growth, we see nothing but potential for The Desoto Group,” said the company’s founder and CEO, Sonya Montgomery. “As a Clermont native, I’ve witnessed Central Florida’s transformation. We already work with major utilities in the area, and now we’re ready to meet even more of their needs.”
The Desoto Group works with companies throughout the South and Midwest, including Duke Energy, Entergy and Centerpoint to provide utility support services that include access roads, matting, storm response, engineering and project management. In order to provide maximum support to grid modernization projects throughout Texas, The Desoto Group has a second office in Houston. The Desoto Group is currently working on the 63-mile Bailey to Jones Creek project to update the grid outside Houston.
As The Desoto Group continues to accelerate hiring, there is a focus on veteran and minority hires. More than two-thirds of the company’s employees are veterans and three-quarters are minorities.
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