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FL: New Boeing Maintenance Facility in Jax to Bring 300+ Jobs

Oct 29, 2021
A new 370,000 square foot complex near Cecil Airport in Jacksonville will be home to a new Boeing maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility.
The Jacksonville Aviation Authority is leasing the property northeast of Cecil Airport at 5868 Approach Road. Boeing’s CEO expects this to bring in more than 300 new jobs. The facility will hold eight hangars and plenty of office space.
“Creating jobs and expanding our aviation manufacturing base here and Duval county is critical to establish innovative technological leadership,” said Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry
The jobs will include mechanics, electricians and engineers. The new facility is expected to be state-of-the-art for maintaining, restoring, repairing and upgrading military aircrafts like F-18s, getting them ready for missions and combat.
“This is sort of multipronged. We are going to invest in the community, we are investing in the facility, and we are going to continue to deliver to our customer to support the mission.” Boeing Global Services CEO, Ted Colbert said.
Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry announced a $425,000 grant to Boeing for infrastructure projects at this new site, including fencing, storm water drainage areas and sewage lines.
“This is going to make Cecil Airport wide open to the world,” said Jacksonville Aviation Authority CEO Mark VanLoh said. “We are available for businesses to come, move to Jacksonville, and set up shop at this airport.
Colbert hoping this new move leads Boeing to become the standard for aviation and aerospace.
The new facility costs around $116 million and Colbert says it will open in 2023.
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