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FL: Titan America Announces Completion of an On-Site Processed Engineered Fuels Facility

Oct 04, 2022
Titan America now producing sustainable alternative fuels augmented with digital predictive maintenance AI solutions. 

Titan America has announced the completion of a state-of-the-art facility, constructed for the processing and production of sustainable alternative fuels at its Pennsuco Cement Plant, located in Medley, Florida. The new facility is integrated with advanced technical controls that ensure consistent fuel properties and is further augmented with proprietary digital predictive maintenance AI solutions designed to improve operational reliability.

This world class processed engineered fuel (PEF) operation is capable of receiving and processing a wide array of waste streams and provides a continuous supply of alternative fuels to the kiln, enabling the substitution of high quantities of conventional fuels with "net-zero" carbon alternatives.  

Since the launch of its operations in late 2021, Titan's PEF facility will have diverted considerable quantities of commercial and industrial waste from local landfills by the end of 2022. The approximately $20 million investment not only signifies Titan's commitment to reducing the plant's environmental footprint, but furthers its progress towards its 2030 decarbonization targets while allowing for greater flexibility to source fuel in a market riddled with supply constraints and increasing energy prices.

"The completion of this plant, along with our continued investments in low-carbon cement production, is another important step toward meeting our energy efficiency and decarbonization targets," says Bill Zarkalis, President & CEO of Titan America. "Titan is committed to contributing to zero waste goals in the communities where we operate. We will continue to invest in innovative solutions designed to support sustainable growth and climate change mitigation."

In the context of the global transition toward a circular economy, Titan America has achieved numerous awards and certifications, including PCA's coveted Overall Environmental Excellence Award in 2021, the highest Platinum rating for TRUE Zero Waste in 2021, and year-over-year Energy Star and ISO 50001 certifications since 2007.

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