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GA: Antonline Expands Facilities, Announces 100+ Positions to Fill

Nov 12, 2020
Antonline, America's premier online reseller of cutting-edge gaming and computer technology, is growing and expanding at a rapid pace with new facilities and warehouses coming online this year in the Atlanta area. From full stack web developers to assistant buyers and warehouse managers, antonline has more than 100 immediate positions to fill in most departments across the entire company.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, US employment and job openings are down by almost 40% and many companies are forced to stall hiring processes or downsize existing staff. Despite a difficult business environment, antonline is finding creative ways to grow and thrive.
"One of our top priorities is to create an exceptional customer experience and the key to our success is our people," said Charles Comerford, CEO & President of antonline. "Between PS5 orders and holiday shopping season, the demand for antonline's inventory has allowed us to grow our team significantly across a range of positions in a short amount of time. We're excited to support the Atlanta community through job creation opportunities, welcome new talent to antonline and build an even stronger team in the coming weeks."
Antonline is looking to fill a multitude of job roles such as developers, customer service, accounting, buyers, PC support, warehouse managers, social media specialists and more. A full list of positions can be found at and interested candidates can apply by emailing For additional company updates or to learn more about opportunities with antonline, visit the career page.
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