GA: Garnica Accelerates North American Expansion With First U.S. Warehouse in Savannah | Trade and Industry Development

GA: Garnica Accelerates North American Expansion With First U.S. Warehouse in Savannah

Apr 19, 2024
Infrastructural expansion coupled with strategic appointments reinforce the company’s commitment to enhanced customer service and growth in North America

Garnica, a leading global supplier of premium sustainable plywood solutions is pleased to announce its first US-based warehouse will be opening in Savannah, Georgia at the beginning of May of this year. This strategic expansion underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing its presence in North America and providing expedited service to its customers across the region.

Due to high anticipated demand, the warehouse, operating under the name 'Garnica ExpressShip,' will prioritize service to the new Garnica Partner Community (GPC) a group of Garnica’s collaborative distribution partners. The facility will stock a wide selection of Garnica’s most popular products in standard and jumbo sizes as well as a variety of thickness options.

"The ExpressShip warehouse represents a significant milestone for Garnica as we aim to better serve North American customers with improved access to high-demand stock products and shorter lead times,” said David Smith, President of Garnica’s North American division. “We anticipate this strategic investment will not only enhance our operational efficiency but also generate excitement among our customers, driving higher demand for products. This expansion marks a crucial step in realizing Garnica’s ambitious growth plan in the coming years.”

Jorge Farulla, Garnica’s North American Logistics Manager will be leading the project alongside Smith. Farulla expressed his excitement, adding, “ExpressShip promises to completely revolutionize the way we move products throughout the US. Our lead times will now be less than one week for deliveries west of Mississippi, the effects of which will be felt at all levels of the supply chain from distributors to customers.”

In addition to Garnica’s new warehouse, the company is also appointing two new senior leaders to its North American team: Thomas Tornillo, Product Management & Claims Manager, and Jack Naish, Inside Sales Manager. Together, they will work to enhance the customer experience and ensure clients receive tailored support through information and resources catered to their unique needs.

With a vision to empower customers and strengthen its presence in North America, Garnica's strategic expansion and new appointments signify a transformative era for the company where efficiency and exceptional service intersect to propel sustainable plywood solutions forward.

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