GA: Vetrazzo Acquisition by Polycor Creates 20 Jobs in Pickens County

15 Apr, 2011

Company creates high-end surfaces of 85% recycled glass
Map of Georgia highlighting Pickens County

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Polycor, Georgia Marble, and Pickens County Chamber of Commerce celebrate Polycor Vetrazzo’s arrival to the north Georgia community of Pickens County. Their latest venture is creating new jobs and economic opportunities in the area.

Polycor, North America’s largest stone manufacturer and owner of Georgia Marble, acquired the Vetrazzo brand in 2010, bringing with it a patented formula for creating recycled glass surfaces made from local curbside recycling. According to General Manager Kourosh Fatemi, the company shares equipment and manufacturing space in the Georgia Marble plant, and will have hired 20 new employees by the end of 2011.

“Vetrazzo was an opportunity for Polycor to add a beautiful, innovative and sustainable product to its offerings,” says Francois Darmayan, Polycor’s President. “Manufacturing Vetrazzo in Tate was the logical choice given the availability of an extremely competent workforce in north Georgia, and the set of attractive measures put in place by state.”

“Vetrazzo is a great addition to Polycor and Pickens County,” said Chris Cummiskey, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “Their highquality product made from recyclable material is exactly the kind of innovative, sustainable manufacturing we encourage in Georgia.”

“It’s a blessing to be able to live and work in Pickens County,” says Cookie Hooks, a member of the Vetrazzo production team and Pickens County resident. “The community has endured many shortfalls over the last decade and Polycor’s investment in north Georgia shows growth and commitment to the community and sustainabilty.”

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