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Robbins Plans 60+ Stores in Atlanta & Surrounding Region

Feb 18, 2009

Baskin-Robbins, America's favorite neighborhood ice cream shop, shares its plans to rapidly expand its national footprint with the recent announcement that Atlanta is now open for franchise sales. More than 60 new stores are projected over the next several years throughout Atlanta and the surrounding region. This unprecedented growth campaign is designed as part of a plan to double Baskin-Robbins' U.S. presence over time and is based on a diversified concept portfolio, expanded and comprehensive menu, and system-wide operational simplicity.

Built over the last 63 years, Baskin-Robbins currently enjoys 98% brand awareness. Most recently, Baskin-Robbins was named for the second consecutive year the number one ice cream and frozen dessert franchise, in Entrepreneur magazine's Annual "Franchise 500" ranking. This widespread recognition now makes it the opportune time to own large geographic territories in and around Atlanta and operate multi-store networks of five-to-31 or more locations with limited exclusivity.

"As the Baskin-Robbins brand continues to develop in Atlanta, we're now looking for large area developers in the Metro Atlanta area with strong financial backgrounds, a passion for their local communities and a desire to manage multiple stores," said Salman Siddiqui, vice president of franchising and development, Baskin-Robbins. "We are excited to provide large-area developers with premium territories to maximize their region's potential and set the direction of the market's growth."

Baskin-Robbins opened more than 600 stores globally in 2008, marking the highest single-year new unit openings in the company's history. With a domestic footprint of more than 2,700 locations, Baskin-Robbins currently operates four locations in and around Atlanta and 35 stores across Georgia. Baskin Robbins' Atlanta launch is part of an aggressive growth strategy which includes expanding in existing markets including California, Florida and Texas, while continuing its growth in South Carolina, North Carolina and Indiana, to name a few.

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