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ID: GESS Announces $240M in Biogas Projects, Adding Nearly 100 Jobs

Jun 05, 2019
GESS International has announced a $240 million investment in Cassia County. The company will build six anaerobic digester facilities near Burley, Idaho, totaling $40 million for each digester and making it a part of the company’s first tranche biogas plants in the US. GESS International is a renewable energy development company that specializes in solar and biogas projects around the US and internationally.
“GESS is excited to be a part of the welcoming community of Southern Idaho. These biogas projects create a new revenue stream for area farmers, reduce the environmental impacts associated with the agricultural industry, while also producing a renewable energy that will reduce our fossil fuel use, and create economic development for a wonderful area of Idaho. There is plenty of opportunity for these types of projects in such a cattle rich area and we look forward to working in Cassia County,” said Seth Daughety, GESS International’s Grant Coordinator.
Anaerobic digesters break down biodegradable material, such as manure, to produce renewable natural gas. The anaerobic digester facilities will utilize 170,000 tons of dairy cattle manure and 80,000 tons of agricultural residues per plant from area farmers to produce 550,000 MMbtu worth of renewable natural gas. The amount of energy produced will be equivalent to the energy usage of 6,800 homes per year, per plant. 
GESS International plans to begin construction in late 2019 and begin operations by late 2020. The biogas plants will be located on several dairy cattle feedlots in Cassia County.
“With our strong dairy and cattle industry and commitment to sustainability, GESS International is a great fit for our region,” said Connie Stopher, Executive Director of Southern Idaho Economic Development. “We are thrilled to see this technology come to Southern Idaho, especially with a company like GESS that is bringing high-quality jobs for our workforce and investing in our community.”
The project will bring nearly 100 jobs to the region, a minimum of 16 new full-time jobs per plant. The jobs will include truck drivers, transportation managers, inventory managers, mechanical engineers, plant managers and plant laborers. The biogas plants will operate 24/7, 365 days a year.
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